Is Your Business Running You?

Choosing the right site, meeting with your favorite architect, breaking ground all the way to the Open House, building someone’s future home is an exciting and involved process. So is growing your business. 

As a custom home builder sometimes you take on the risk that someone will buy the house you’re building. But the responsibility you took on doesn’t begin or end there. As the owner of the business, ensuring the business is successful and thriving rests with you.


"As the business owner, ensuring the business is successful and thriving rests on YOUR shoulders"

To properly grow your company requires the establishing standard operating procedures in every area of your company; effectively hiring and onboarding new personnel; and continuous review of job profitability and overhead control. 

When do you find time for yourself? Do you push off plans to take a day off, take up a hobby, take a vacation, take a breath, for another day? Are you thinking, “How can I with all these things on my plate?” Is this the entrepreneur’s life you imagined when you started out?

I believe you deserve that uninterrupted quality time. If you believe you do too, are you ready to commit to work as hard ON your business as you work IN your business? If the thought of where to begin overwhelms you, let’s talk about how I can help.

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