Intentional Success or Struggling Survivor – which type of entrepreneur are you?

You're an Intentional Success

You’re an intentional success if you’re an entrepreneur running a company with a clearly identified vision and mission, you engage in a rigorous goal-setting process on an ongoing basis, and you measure progress against those goals so you know when you’ve achieved what you intended.   The opposite of an intentional success is an accidental success, in which case you’re very likely to become a struggling survivor when the economy turns, something unexpected disrupts your business, or in some way, shape or form you’re suddenly unable to run your business as you have been.

You're a Struggling Survivor

You’re a struggling survivor if you’re an entrepreneur who lies awake at night worrying about who may or may not show up for work in the morning, the delayed delivery of material that’ll cause a delay in project completion, or whether you have enough cash in the bank to make payroll….or a myriad of other issues or problems – the operative words here are “lying awake at night worrying”.  

The Intentional Success

The intentional success enjoys weekend outings with family or spending time on a favorite hobby. The intentional success relaxes on vacation and actually sees the beach, or the lake or the mountain because things are running smoothly back at the office. Employees who work for the intentional success feel like they’re part of an extended family. They enjoy their work and working with one another and feel that the company “takes care of them.”

The Struggling Survivor

The struggling survivor is a slave to the clock and the clock never gives him enough hours in a day. You’re overwhelmed because there’s never enough time, and have a crew of clock watchers working for you just waiting for that whistle to blow signaling their time with you is OVER. What’s more, they’re always ready to hear about job opportunities at other companies – they feel no particular allegiance to their current employer and would take another job for any reason.

The Reality

Ok, so your reality is maybe somewhere in between the Intentional Success and the Struggling Survivor. Which one feels better? Of course, the Intentional Success feels better because it feels like clarity and control of things.

If you need help shifting the balance to be more of the Intentional Success than the Struggling Survivor, The C Suite Solution should be your first call. Let’s discuss what it takes to get you where you want to be. 

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