How We Started

Cynde Jackson Clarke
Certified Advisor & Founder
The C Suite Solution

The idea for The C Suite Solution began in 2016 as I looked for the best way to leverage my years of professional experience. I’d worked for small companies where I sat side-by-side with the owner assisting operations while taking care of research, compliance and most days, running out to pick up lunch. When I moved on to my next job, my experience served me well. My first order of business was to get the required client files in order ahead of an imminent visit by industry auditors.

Moving to Washington DC

My next role brought me to northern Virginia and eventually led to my working for the premier consulting organization, Deloitte.

Working for Deloitte for 12 years gave me the opportunity to contribute in a number of areas, take advantage of world class training, collaborate with peers from all over the country, and work with many amazing people.

Over the course of my career I developed a reputation as a problem solver – to be more specific I was known for “making order out of chaos”, busy “putting out fires” nearly every day. Once I had the situation under control I went to work identifying underlying challenges, developing creative alternatives, and implementing the best solutions to improve things overall.

My Special Sauce

What’s my special sauce? Two things. First, I understands that no matter what area of your business you focus on, your people are the vital component to the success of your business. And second, while I personally love change, I’m highly aware that for most people change is often a major stressor.

However, knowing that change is essential for growth, I work to to facilitate and manage change – whether radical, unexpected change or planned, desired change – with the knowledge and insight necessary to eliminate stress, encourage collaboration, and engage employees in the overall effort.

If you’d like to find out the ways I can help you move your business forward, send me a short message and I’ll get back to you shortly.


“Cynde’s passion creates a truly engaging environment. Her thoughtful questions and provocative insights gave me the confidence to pivot my service business and concept into a new company focused in technology.”

Lou Carricarte – Founder/CEO @ re.ACT RTE, Inc
Moving Your Business Forward

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